5 Warning Signs You Need a New Roof

We know we’re partial here at Eagle Prime Construction, LLC Roofers, but it goes without saying that the roof is one of the most, if not the most, essential elements of a house. Without a roof, your house would be nothing more than a bunch of stuff, a set of walls, and floors, completely exposed to the elements.

You rely on your roof to take care of you and to protect you and family from the dangers outside. Because of this, it is important to ensure your roof is well maintained and in good working order, no matter what life might throw at it. Unfortunately, however, nothing lasts forever and eventually there will come a time where you need to replace your house’s best friend: its roof. If you are wondering whether that time is now, we’ve compiled a list of five warning signs that might signal it is time to replace your roof.


If you notice there are parts of your roof that sag, this can be a very bad sign. Sagging is generally a symptom of structural damage in your roof such as inadequate bracing, inadequate spacing or structural failure. If you notice sagging on your roof, you definitely need to contact a roofing professional ASAP.


If you have any exposed flashing on your roof (such as around your chimney), check it when you inspect your roof. If there are any loose, cracked, or deteriorated sections, then those areas should be repaired. If you notice leakage or water stains in or around any of these joints, you may have a more severe problem, depending on how long the flashing has been leaking. Moisture can cause rot and if it has infiltrated your house, you may have structural roofing damage.


Moisture is the enemy of houses made in North America as most have wooden frames and moisture can eventually lead to rot and structural damage. Check your attic for signs of moisture leaking in from your roof in the form of: mold, mildew or watermarks on the wood.


What type of roofing material do you have? What was its estimated lifespan when it was installed? If you have a roof that was installed over 20 years ago, chances are you may need a new roof. Look for aging warning signs such as curling, pitting, brittle, cracked, or chipped shingles. For asphalt shingles, also look for bald spots where granules may have worn off. If more than one third of your roof’s shingles look to be in bad shape, then you will definitely need a roof replacement.


A few missing shingles don’t often mean a full roof replacement, but depending on how many are gone and where they were pulled from, it may mean severe damage to your roof. Any missing shingles are a warning sign, because it might mean that the wind has pulled up a great deal of your shingles (even if they are still in place), and may have let water in, potentially damaging the wood below. Look especially for missing shingles around roof valleys, as these are the areas where rain and snow collect as they slide off your roof. Missing shingles here will mean leaks and often, greater damage. If you notice any of these potential warning signs, or are unsure of whether you might have a problem, don’t hesitate to contact us today! Here at Eagle Prime Construction, LLC Roofers we know that peace of mind is paramount, which is why we offer free estimates on any potential roofing damage you might have.

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