9 Ways you Can Conserve Energy and Keep Those Bills Under Control

Summertime is around the corner and that means high energy bills if you don’t conserve energy. Here are a 9 ways you can keep those bills under control.

  1. Switch your ceiling fans to the counter-clockwise direction for the summer. You can turn it back clockwise in the winter at a low speed.
  2. Use your ceiling fans instead of air conditioning when you can.
  3. Install ceiling fans in every room in your home.
  4. Change the filters on your air condition as often as recommended by the manufacturer
  5. Close unused air vents for rooms that you are not using.
  6. Set your thermostat switch to auto to save energy so that it only runs when it needs to.
  7. Consider a programmable thermostat that you can control from your phone to manage temperatures in your home
  8. Keep you home from overheating. Tint your windows, use shades, blinds and drapes.
  9. Open interior doors to allow air to flow freely through your home.

There you have it. 9 ways you can conserve energy and keep a lid on the energy bills in the process.

Let us know if you have other ideas to share for conserving energy.

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