Benefits of Fixing a Leaky Roof Immediately

Hire a Skilled Houston Roof Repair Company for the Job

If your roof is leaking, don’t ignore it. Schedule roof repair immediately! The longer you wait, bigger the damage and your repair bills could be. Also ensure that you hire a skilled Houston roofing company for the job. Poor workmanship can make the problem worse and cost you even more to have the work redone.

Why Leaks Needs Immediate Roof Repair

Neglecting a leaking roof can have serious consequences. Here are some of the issues that may arise.

  • Structural deterioration: Continual exposure to water and snow will expose the wood in your roof to mold and rot. This can weaken the framing considerably and cause a roof collapse which is a serious threat to your personal safety and the structural integrity of your home.
  • Home damage: Like water, the problem will trickle downward causing damage to the rest of your building, i.e. the walls, ceiling and flooring and insulation, even your furniture and other possessions. Even worse is wet wiring which is a serious fire hazard.
  • Health problems: Wet and damp conditions promote mold growth and create unhealthy living conditions. Mold spreads easily and could soon take over your home creating health issues for people with allergies and asthma as well as young children and the elderly. In addition to roof repair and sickness, you will now have one more problem to deal with: mold remediation.
  • Security issues: Your roof protects you from the weather, pests and intruders. Once compromised it can pose a grave threat to your physical well-being.
  • General inconvenience: Smaller issues are easier to fix than large ones. A badly damaged roof takes days to repair which is a major inconvenience, not to mention the impact it can have on your energy bills and overall comfort.

Advantages of Roof Repair by Expert Houston Roofers

Roof leaks are fairly common and occur for a number of reasons including improper installation, inadequate insulation, extreme weather and neglect. Whatever the cause, it’s important to understand that if your roof is compromised, the safety of your home, occupants and possessions is at risk.

At Eagle Prime Construction, LLC, we offer an expert roof repair service for homes and businesses in and around Houston. We will accurately diagnose the reason for the leak and provide you with a lasting solution. For your absolute peace of mind, we provide proof of work with before and after pictures.

Take advantage of our roof repair expertise to prevent expensive damage to your home or business premises. We offer a roof maintenance program to help you avoid leaks and future structural problems. Call Eagle Prime Construction, LLC today (832) 257-2363.

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