Closet Make-Overs

We treat closets like every other room in your house… big or small, we want that space to be as functional as it is beautiful.


While functionality is probably a priority over aesthetics, making your closet beautiful will contribute to your daily enjoyment of using it.  When it comes to organization, there is beauty in uniformity, so hang all of your clothes on the same kind of hangers.  This is a simple trick to make your closet look instantly more appealing.

This diagram by Organized Living demonstrates how to customize a closet space and maximize its functionality.  Don’t waste space.  If you have unused space above or below your closet rod, add shelves, drawers or cubbies to maximize your storage capacity.  Then we’d suggest keeping your most used items at eye level, store the items you sometimes use in lower areas, and the stuff you seldom use up high.  If you’re vertically challenged, it may be helpful to keep a compact folding step stool in your closet to make reaching those high items easier.

If closet space is limited, seasonal items can be stored in boxes under the bed or even in old suitcases that double as a nightstand.

If the doors of your closet swing open and infringe on your living space, consider replacing those doors with a sliding barn door.


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