Don’t Let Your Claim Provider Hassle You After Roof Damage

After a strong storm or hurricane has left you with roof damage, the following days and weeks are filled with insurance claims and paperwork.

We understand it can be a daunting, time-consuming task to gather work bids on your roof’s storm damage from local roofing contractors and your insurance agency.

Customers may request estimates from multiple roofing contractors so they can understand all possible options for repairing or replacing their roof – but don’t be fooled by your insurance company.

What is fiduciary responsibility?

Fiduciary responsibility is an insured’s required actions to mitigate further damage using reasonable means necessary.  If the problem is ignored the insurance company may have the right to deny coverage.

What is mitigating damage?

Mitigating damage is taking steps to stop more damage from occurring.  If a leak occurs, turning off the water supply, cleaning up the water and removing anything damaged would be examples of mitigating damage.

How to do temporary repairs for fiduciary responsibility?

A plastic tarp is the best way to stop water from continuing to cause more damages and would be considered complying with your fiduciary responsibility.

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