Flipping Over Paint – Prepping Your Home For Sale

It’s time to move once again. Have you ever felt that you wish you could just settle down somewhere and never, ever have to move again? From packing to house painting, the hassle of moving and prepping your home for sale or rent can be stressful.

Moving seems to be a part of our lives. Families are often spread across the United States, with siblings and children, parents and grandparents, all living in different parts of the country. That seems to have been a trend over the last several decades, and probably has to do with the economy and with changing family values.

Many people move because of jobs, being willing to go where the work is. But no matter the reason, it is a fact of life for some families to move several times before being able to settle in one particular place.

Some families, like those in the military, become comfortable with moving often, even getting to the point where it is enjoyable to go to a new place and have a new life adventure. There’s nothing like being able to move when you are secure in your job and know you have stable work where you are going.

If you find yourself needing, wanting, or having to move once again, you will likely need to prepare the home you are living in for resale or fix it up to be rented out.

When moving, you want to make sure that the interior and exterior of the property is presentable for prospective buyers or renters.

Re-Painting Your House

One thing that probably needs to be done is repainting the property. It is a lot of work to sell a home and move, but if the property isn’t looking good, it will take longer to sell unless the price is set at rock-bottom. Most people opt to fix up the property a bit and sell at a higher, but still competitive price.

When people come to look at the property, the condition of the exterior paint on the house makes a big impression. This is curb appeal that you hear everyone talking about.

How appealing your home looks on the outside makes a huge impact on how quickly you will sell. People will do a drive by before deciding to call about a property. Many drive by and never call when the home is in disrepair on the outside.

If you’d like to draw them in to see the inside, the best way to do that is to make the outside look good. Painting and landscaping are two of the keys to adding to your curb appeal.

If the paint on your home has started to peel or been through several touch-ups, it’s not going to look good. Even faded paint can look dirty and washed out.

House Painting

First, you need to realize that if you try to match the paint and only do some patchwork touch-ups, you will likely never get the exact color you had before. One reason for this is that the sun’s UV rays, wind, rain, and other factors have worked to degrade the color. Even if you use the exact same color of paint you did originally, it will look different from the existing areas.

When painting, it’s best to repaint the whole wall unless it’s been about a year or less since you painted. This avoids any patchwork looking paint areas.

Front Door Painting

Finally, you need to make sure the eye is drawn to the front door area. When someone drives up, their eye should be lazily drawn toward the door. The door is a key area because this is where the guest will go and where you will welcome them into your home.

If you can create a little drama around or on the front door area, then that area will grab their attention and make them feel welcome. This is why a lot of people choose red, dark green, dark blue-gray or similar colors for their front door color. Whatever will stand out and still look good works.

Professional House Painters

At any time, you can always call in a professional painting company. As a matter of every day business, professional painters save homeowners the headache and lost time that do-it-yourself home improvement projects can create.

Whether you’ve started your project, or are just in the planning stages, experienced painters can help you get the high quality, professional results you deserve at competitive prices. Most also offer free quotes and some offer financing.

All in all, after you repaint your home for selling, you’ll love the results. Some sellers love their new space so much they even change their minds and decide to stay in the home. Either way, you’ll have added to the value of the home.

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