Landscaping for Outdoor Living

Pergolas are a beautiful way to add natural beauty to any outdoor living space, but there’s more to these seemingly simple structures than meets the eye. Vining plants, especially wisteria, are very strong and require a very sturdy structure to support their growth. When designed and built correctly, your pergola will support your vining plants and allow them to beautifully frame the space.



Speaking of framing… the walls of your indoor living space are likely covered with framed art, and your outdoor living space shouldn’t be an exception. Check out “succulent wall art” on Pinterest for lots of ideas that will transform these easy to care for plants into a stunning outdoor work of art.



Your outdoor living space can also be framed by well placed built-in planters. These planters will add pops of color and visual interest to the design. The built-in planters shown here frame the built-in seating in this outdoor entertainment area.



Even if your backyard lacks an actual yard, built-in planters are so influential that they have the power to transform an urban patio to an outdoor oasis.



And while some would say that your outdoor living space brings the indoors out, the most unique spaces bring the outdoors in. Embrace the natural structures in your yard and allow them to inspire a design that is unique to your home.



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