Pet-Friendly Home Designs

Here are a few clever ideas to customize your home for the needs of all your family members.

Great Crate Space

If you’re limited on floor space for dog crates (especially large dog crates), this idea is an attractive solution to your problem.

Tropical Island

If your more into fins than fur, consider transforming your kitchen island into a tropical fish paradise.

Photo found on Pinterest c/o Decoholic

Reign in the Leashes

When designing cabinets, our designers could include a built-in closet specifically for the storage of your poochie paraphernalia.

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Cat Walk

Make the rooms in your house more cat friendly with cleverly designed built-in shelves that will please even the most finicky of felines.

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Exceed Eggspectations

For all you urban chicken farmers, a chicken coop in your backyard doesn’t have to be an eye soar.  Make your chicks’ home as beautiful as your own.

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