Preparing for a Storm: 6 Things to Remember

Preparing for a Storm: 6 Things to Remember

Houston storms can take a toll on your house in a number of ways. While some areas of the country do not see too many, others are battered by storms frequently. If your home is in an area affected by strong storms, even if only occasionally, you will want to take some steps to minimize the damage. Here are some ideas:

  1. Clean your gutters. Your gutters and downspouts need to be free of debris so they can do their job. Test your downspout to make sure it is flowing freely. Get a step ladder and inspect your gutters. Remove any leaves and other material cluttering the gutters.
  2. Trim your trees. Broken branches can be a hazard to your home, especially the roof. But even if they don’t break, they can damage the sides of your home or even break windows. Trim tree branches near your house to make it safer should a storm come.
  3. Check the sump pump. If you have a sump pump in your home, make sure it is functioning properly. Without it, a large rainfall could flood your house. Many people choose to have two sump pumps for maximum protection.
  4. Close windows and shutters. This seems as obvious, but it is quite easy to forget. Close and lock your windows to keep the storm outside, and close your storm shutters, too, to prevent them from swinging freely during the storm and damaging the side of your home.
  5. Purchase a generator. If your power goes out, you’ll be glad you got a back up generator until electricity can be restored.
  6. Inspect your house. Look for damage in your siding or on your roof. Repair weak spots before the storm hits.

With a few common-sense steps, you can reduce the amount of damage a storm can wreak on your house. This can save you a lot of hassle and a lot of money. Most home owners agree that it is worth the little time it takes to prevent bigger problems later on. Contact an Eagle Prime Construction expert (832) 257-2363 for more information on storm damage repair.

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