Property Management: How to Keep Your Property Dry and Safe

When it comes to property management, your professional relationships are essential. Creating partnerships with businesses you trust, and who you know will get the job done properly the first time, is key to keeping things in order. While DIY projects are all the rage these days, many tasks are still best left to the professionals. You likely wouldn’t hire a landscaper who needs a YouTube instructional on how to start a mower, or a handyman who doesn’t have any tools, would you?

Managing Houston properties involves a lot of the usual tasks, such as landscaping or keeping the all-important central air system up and running. It could even be something as simple as finding the best house cleaning service to keep your property sparkling so clients will come back time and time again to your rental. But have you ever thought about the possibility of flood damage to your property? It might not cross your mind all that often. But a burst pipe or flooded kitchen after an unexpected heavy rainstorm could really ruin your day and that of your residents.

Experts say that when dealing with a flooded house, for example, you have about 30 hours to fix the situation before it causes more problems. Would you know where to begin? You might think that just getting rid of the water quickly would solve the dilemma, but it’s not that simple. Most people find themselves overwhelmed, which is completely understandable. But there are steps you can take to start the process of cleaning up, including calling a local company to help.

Professional companies have the experience and equipment, such as high-powered pumps, to deal with these kinds of problems, not to mention knowing how to handle things like “black water.” The average person doesn’t have the knowledge of what to do with ground water that’s been polluted by chemical hazards when it’s filling their house. Not to mention, the powerful equipment needed to fix these issues doesn’t come cheap – and when you’re in a tough spot, it always seems like the local hardware store is out of whatever you so desperately need at that exact moment.

Additionally, water damage can really do a number on your house’s health – and if you don’t know what you’re doing, you can make it worse. Pump out the water too quickly and you could cause the walls to cave under the pressure of the soil where the water has now been deposited. Not being able to fully dry the affected areas can lead to black mold down the line. And certainly, no one wants a moldy house.

Aside from actually fixing the problem, flood damage companies like Eagle Prime Construction can also tell you what steps to take before they even step on the property. For example, shutting off the electricity so that there is no current running through the water or helping you identify the source of the water so that you can stop the flow from worsening.

In cases like these, adding Eagle Prime Construction to your roster of relationships is a smart move. A flooded house or backed-up sewer system can leave you frazzled, confused, and leaking money. Eagle Prime Construction is a family-owned business that’s been active for over 14 years in the community. They can tackle everything from flood damage, mold removal, sewage clean up and reconstruction. And they’re available 24/7, 365 days a year for whenever disaster strikes. After they fix the problem, they can also help you with restoring your property.

Also important to note, Eagle Prime Construction offers every day maintenance services making them ripe for an ongoing business relationship. By having an established, trusted partnership with a company before you’re in crisis mode, you can set your mind at ease that you’re in good hands. When disaster does strike, it’s never a great idea to simply choose the first name off a Google search, because you never know if an unscrupulous company will take advantage of you, simply because they know you’re desperate for immediate help.  

Not only that, but Eagle Prime Construction is well versed in dealing with insurance. They can help you file your claims and they often can bill your insurance company directly, saving you the headache of even more paperwork. Saving your sanity when you’re already dealing with a disaster makes everyone’s day a little bit better.

Regardless of whether you’re just starting to put together a team of trusted businesses to keep your property management running smoothly or you’ve decided to upgrade your options, flood and water damage companies like Eagle Prime Construction are always a good teammate to have.

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