Eagle Prime Construction, Commercial Contractors – Houston, Texas

Retail construction is an ever-evolving industry with a lot riding on the design and build of a retail store or restaurant. By choosing Eagle Prime Construction for tenant interior finishes or a new construction project, our experts will realize your vision, maximize every dollar and work relentlessly to meet your launch date.

Right out of the gate, you’ll work with a dedicated expert to develop a detailed estimate and map out your retail construction plan. Eagle Prime Construction will then work with you, your designers and architects to transform lines on paper into your dream retail or restaurant space. We can’t wait to get started.

Eagle Prime Construction can complete tenant improvement projects for any property retailers including a coffee shop, wine store, florist, DVD shop, dry cleaners, chiropractic clinic, or any other retail office. We work with the owners to develop innovative interior designs that meet tenant objectives such as improving traffic flow, creating product displays and providing ample storage.

From stained concrete floors to open grid ceilings, decorative lighting and even a fireplace, all interiors are completed with impeccable workmanship, exactly what Eagle Prime Construction is known for delivering.

Bottom line, we can create the space you want no matter what type of business was there previously. It is not within our vocabulary to tell you that something cannot be done. With years of retail construction expertise, the sky’s the limit. Simply bring your ideas to our experts, and we’ll make it work.

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