See How Hidden Storm Roof Damage is Uncovered

During the forceful winds and flying debris during storms and hurricanes, the shingles on your roof may have been forced upward and then fell back into their position, making it look like no damage has occurred.

Learn how this can compromise your entire roofing system and how Eagle Prime Construction, LLC spots hidden storm damage:

Will my shingles reseal to the roof after being lifted from a storm?

It is highly unlikely singles will reseal to themselves or the roof after being lifted from a storm.  

If single uplift has occurred, replacement to the entire roof or that area would be required to restore the roof to a pre-event condition.  

What are signs of shingle roof storm damage?

Signs of shingle roof storm damage include lifted shingles, granule loss, uneven lines, nail pull through holes, leaks and crack lines.  We suggest having a professional roofer inspect the shingles and provide a scope of work. If damage is found it is advised to file a claim with your insurance company and report the damage.

What is the best shingle to withstand storm and hurricane winds?

The best shingle to withstand hurricane winds is the Owens Corning Duration Shingle using SureNail Technology.  This specially designed and patented secure enhancement nail line helps prevent wind damage and hold the shingle in place during high winds.

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