Signs that it’s time for an Office Renovation

Any form of improvement in an office renovation strongly suggests to clients and customers that the business is thriving and growing stronger. Confidence levels, both external and within an organization, are always heightened when the hub of its activity is changed for the better.

The very fact that the office needs to be revitalized only proves that the business has been in operation long enough to become well established. An office renovation reflects a positive approach and your continued commitment to success. It says that you value your staff and want them to be comfortable. It also makes a larger statement about the success and reliability of your business by saying, we look good, and we’re here to stay!

The Best Office Renovation Requires a Team of Pros

Without the right practical knowledge and creativity, however, renovating an office can plunge into total chaos. At first it may seem so easy to re-do the space by merely hiring freelance painters and carpenters on a one-at-a-time basis, but without the benefit of professional interior designers and expert builders working together as a team, the time and effort involved in piecemeal projects may turn out to be a giant disappointment.

So, When Does an Office Need a Renovation?

A timely office renovation is a great shot in the arm for any company, large or small. It can rejuvenate and reinvent not just the physical space, but also the morale and confidence of the employees who will enjoy and appreciate its benefits.

Here are a few hints that it is definitely time for a change:

  1. When a fresh coat of paint isn’t enough. Whatever kind of service an office may deliver, the aura and atmosphere should depict the personality of the business and the people running it. If the walls resemble a dingy, déjà vu paneling nightmare from the 70s, then it is probably time to revitalize with a more contemporary look and modern materials. Make it fit and reflect the function and style of your business.
  2. Check the carpeting. Depending on the nature of your business, you may or may not have customers and other visitors coming into the office. But you most certainly have employees who walk on it all day long, causing eventual degradation in color and texture as the years go by. Think of an office renovation as the opportunity to replace existing carpeting or to try a completely new kind of floor covering, such as a highly durable and attractive linoleum. Marmoleum is also an excellent, and extremely durable, alternative. Some additional options would be Acid Staining and Microtopping, which are ideal for concrete flooring; this would add a decorative finish to the existing floor. Microtopping can also be used on steel or wood.
  3. Ruminate on rooms. A truly effective office renovation is probably incomplete without restructuring the actual space. Builders with experience in office renovation will have a design team that can listen and respond well to your wants and needs. Outline the nature of your business and the usual “flow” of traffic throughout the workplace on a daily basis. It may well be that your present layout is cramped and inefficient, even downright depressing. What about that so-called storage room that’s really just a dumping ground for old filing cabinets and defunct equipment? Embarking on an office renovation project may be just the push you need to purge the unwanted and overhaul the space into a more practical and attractive working environment with areas dedicated to specific functions.
  4. Office furniture and equipment. Take a look around. Desks, furniture, lighting and other features can provide telltale clues. If it’s obviously outdated, stained and frayed, it’s time for more pleasing surroundings. Renovating the interior space without also updating such fixtures to complement the new look and function is like getting a haircut and asking the barber to stop halfway.
office renovation

Once your carefully planned office renovation has been completed, entering a revitalized new workspace can do wonders for staff morale and overall production. Employees will appreciate the environment, feel valued, and take renewed interest in the tasks at hand. Step out of the time machine and call for a consultation about how to make an office renovation “work” best for you. Contact Eagle Rstore for more information on commercial renovations (832) 257-2363.

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