Starting a Hotel Renovation in Houston

A large-scale remodel can be a daunting task. Today, Eagle Prime Construction offers a few tips for an easier hotel renovation in Houston.

Juggling a construction project while keeping your hotel guests happy is not a simple task. Fortunately, our team of commercial construction experts has plenty of experience in hospitality construction and can help you take simple steps to ensure everything runs smoothly.

Define Budget and Timeline

Setting the budget will allow you to define the scope of your project. If you aim to do a full renovation and you have sufficient funds, the smart move is to do it all at once. If the budget doesn’t stretch to a complete renovation, you will have to prioritize the areas in need of attention and renovate in stages.

Sticking to a timeline is crucial in a hotel renovation in Houston. When you have an obligation to honor existing reservations, you cannot afford to have delays. An experienced project manager will be a great asset in coordinating your budget and timeline, as well as sequencing the build in the most efficient way.

Prioritize Weak Areas

In a renovation with restricted scope, you will need to prioritize your most challenging areas for renovation first. The reception area and front desk are crucial for making a good first impression, but if your guest rooms are the weak point, it is best to get them up to standard (and current code) first.

Ask for feedback from your operations team on this subject. They have daily contact with the guests and will be clued-in to the aspects of the hotel that clients love and those that may need work. The idea is to create the biggest impact on your guests’ experiences with the smallest changes. You might think about lighting and decor before changing the entire layout of the building.

Renovate with the Customer in Mind

If the renovation aims to improve the experience for your existing clientele, put yourself in their shoes. Ask yourself what would make them more comfortable. Perhaps by improving the tech accessibility of guest rooms, with smart controllers for lighting and temperature, or offering them the option to cast multimedia content to the room’s TV screens.

If you are trying to attract new customers, focus your hotel renovation on attracting a certain profile. If you’re looking to tap into the business traveler market, you will need to offer them a state of the art meeting room. If you want more wedding parties, you will need to make your events room a selling point. Depending on your location, you may be able to attract athletes traveling for competitions or races by adding a gym, sauna, and massage facilities.

Identify Your Existing Moneymakers

Hotel guests are your principal clients, but many hotels offer services and amenities to local patrons. If these services help keep you afloat during the off-season, don’t forget about them when it comes to renovating. If you have a popular restaurant, consider expanding it or at least modernizing the decor. Attract more weekend leisure visitors with an inviting spa and pool. Improve your event spaces or meeting rooms to be able to host a broader range of parties and events onsite.

Schedule Smart

Plan your hotel renovation (or the most disruptive stage) during your slow season. Having fewer guests around will make it much easier to block off areas for construction. It also lowers the potential for complaints, bad reviews, and general disturbance.

Carrying out your hospitality construction during the off-season will make it easier to keep the hotel open while the work is underway. This is important for the image of the hotel as well as being crucial for the staff. If everything goes to plan, you can schedule a grand re-opening or reveal of the new facilities to coincide with the beginning of the next high season.

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Minimize Impact on Guests

It may not be necessary to email every guest in advance to alert them of renovations. Depending on the area and stage of work, they may not even notice. Use discretion when notifying your guests to avoid any needless cancellations. For guests that will be inconvenienced by commercial construction work or noise, it is best to be upfront about it at the moment of check-in. Having a voucher for a complimentary spa treatment or dinner ready to present to them as you break the news will make the news a lot easier for them to take.

Try to schedule any loud construction work during the middle of the day when guests are more likely to be out and about. Be mindful of disrupting business meetings and relaxing spa treatments with excessive noise. Creating a buffer zone around the area being remodeled will minimize noise and disruption. This may require leaving unoccupied floors or rooms between the construction site and the areas in use by guests.

Promote Your New Look

A full or partial hotel renovation is a great excuse for a new advertising campaign. Once you have finished the rebuild, promote your updated features and new facilities on any advertising platforms you use. If you don’t usually spend much on PR or marketing, this is the perfect moment to invest a little, as the returns are likely to be higher.

An opening event will allow you to showcase your renovations to local business owners and the press. Running promotions and inviting food critics and travel agents to visit your hotel can generate interest. This is the ideal time to draw attention to your hotel and attract new customers.

For an Easy Hotel Renovation…

At Eagle Prime Construction, we’ve found that following these tips for an easier hotel renovation will go a long way in producing the results you’re hoping to achieve. To be executed well, hospitality construction requires coordinated scheduling and project management. With our team on board, you are guaranteed excellent communication between the contractors and the hotel operations manager. We can accommodate the specific needs of a renovation with discretion and flexible scheduling. For value-added construction services catered to your industry, trust Eagle Prime Construction. We look forward to working with you.

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