The Commercial Side of Eagle Prime Construction

Are you a business owner or a property owner?  Are you a building owner or maintenance manager?  Do you make necessary decisions for a company or organization?

If you answered yes, then you have probably been faced with a leaking roofing or storm damage or an old roof in need of repair or replacement.  Choosing a roofing company can be stressful…will they deliver what is promised, will they take pride in their work, are they experienced?

At Eagle Prime Construction Commercial Roofing we believe there is no other way to do business than the right way.  From the start, we take pride in our employees.  All our estimators, technicians, crews, drivers and office staff are vetted and trained.  Each roof gets the attention it deserves with a project manager to oversee the project.  The project manger is OSHA 30 hour certified, manufacturer trained.  Customer satisfaction is what has driven Eagle Prime Construction, LLC to success.  We will deliver the ultimate quality of excellence to each of our clients.

Eagle Prime Construction, LLC continues to stand out in the Commercial roofing industry for many reasons:

  • EXPERIENCED – Serving Houston area since 1995
  • QUALIFIED – Certified installers
  • DIVERSITY – Crews for every style of roof
  • PROTECTION – Various manufacturer’s warranties from 10-50 years
  • CUSTOM – In-house metal fabrication shop
  • EXCELLENCE – More than standard insurance coverage

Eagle Prime Construction, LLC, the roofing company for all your Commercial and Residential needs.

Eagle Prime Construction, LLC…The Dependable Choice

There are many qualities to look for when hiring a roofing company.  Words to describe such a company would be: honest, experienced, reputable, long-standing and so on.  What about dependable? defines dependable as:

  • Adjective – worthy of reliance or trust; consistent in performance and behavior

Example of dependable in a sentence:

  • Seeking a dependable person to look after their summer home in the off-season.

Traits of a dependable company:

  • Can be counted on
  • Will show up on time
  • Will do what they say they will do
  • Will not cut corners even though no one would know

Eagle Prime Construction, LLC has been installing roofs since 1995 and we believe we embody the word dependable.  With thousands of customers and counting, we are doing things right by focusing on both the product and the customer.  Dependable means being there to take care of the newly installed roof throughout it’s life. Dependable means taking care of the customers for the life of the roof and beyond, insuring their homes and businesses stay dry and waterproof.  Eagle Prime Construction, LLC is dependable along with honest, experienced, reputable and long-standing.

Call Eagle Prime Construction, LLC for any roofing job.  We are the dependable company and we will be here to provide the services needed to each customer.

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