Water Damage Safety

Water damage safety is not something thought about very often. Too many people go back into their home at risk of injury not knowing the danger involved in the situation. Once you discover water damage in your home, your main priority should be safety. With that said are you and your family educated on water damage safety? Eagle Prime Construction has some do’s and don’ts for water damage safety.

What you SHOULD do:

  • Turn off your power source! You don’t want to risk the chance of electrocution.
  • Try to remove excess water by soaking up some of the water with a mop or towels.
  • Remove all wet upholstery from the home (including rugs, cushions, and drapes).
  • Try to soak up the excess water off of any wood surfaces in order to try to prevent warping.
  • Turn on your air conditioning! It aids in drying out.
  • Remove all loose “floating” items from the home.
  • Call Eagle Prime Construction for all your restoration needs!

What you should NOT do:

  • Do the opposite of what was stated above.
  • Leave any colored items on the floor.
  • Use any household appliances or items. The risk of electrocution is extremely high.
  • Try to use your household vacuum to suck up some of the water.
  • Return into a home that has been damaged by sewage backup, the amount of bacteria growing in the home is through the roof.
  • Go back into the home if the power source hasn’t been shut off.
  • Go back into a home that has sagging or drooping ceilings or walls.

If you experience a water damage in your home, call Eagle Prime Construction for all your mitigation and restoration needs. No matter what time of day our technicians are on call and ready to serve you! Contact our full service Houston location on 4606 FM 1960 W, Ste. 230 at (800) 359-1789.

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