What commercial renovations or additions are you considering?

To meet your commercial renovations requirements, you’ll have a range of priorities unique to your Houston location. However, with a need to continue gaining revenue as any work is undertaken, then a company that delivers the minimum of disruption, and on-time results, is likely to feature high on your list of possibilities.

You might need a renewal or extension of your lobby and reception areas or be looking to add or increase business centers or in-hotel shops. There might be a need to create ADA compliant bathrooms or bring the food preparation area up to new standards. You might seek a restoration of some traditional features, or an extension of your guest bedroom capacity.

Eagle Prime Construction, a Houston commercial construction contractor, is always happy to provide past examples of reaching such standards and delivering a wealth of such projects.

Renovate with the Customer in Mind

If the renovation aims to improve the experience for your existing clientele, put yourself in their shoes. Ask yourself what would make them more comfortable. Perhaps by improving the tech accessibility of guest rooms, with smart controllers for lighting and temperature, or offering them the option to cast multimedia content to the room’s TV screens.

If you are trying to attract new customers, focus your hotel renovation on attracting a certain profile. If you’re looking to tap into the business traveler market, you will need to offer them a state of the art meeting room. If you want more wedding parties, you will need to make your events room a selling point. Depending on your location, you may be able to attract athletes traveling for competitions or races by adding a gym, sauna, and massage facilities.

For an Easy Commercial Renovation…

At Eagle Prime Construction, we’ve found that following these tips for an easier hotel renovation will go a long way in producing the results you’re hoping to achieve. To be executed well, hospitality construction requires coordinated scheduling and project management. With our team on board, you are guaranteed excellent communication between the contractors and the commercial operations manager. We can accommodate the specific needs of a renovation with discretion and flexible scheduling. For value-added commercial construction services catered to your industry, trust Eagle Prime Construction. We look forward to working with you.

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